Our consultants strengthen their skills by sharing their experience with each other to build a stronger position in HR . As a result, we can provide you with top services in HR from Executive search, career counselling, personnel audits to outplacement.

Executive search

Executive Search means direct systematic search for management and specialists. It is applied where it is important for the client to get the best candidate for the specified position or where the range of potential candidates is limited

We are professionals in a field of direct employee search – Executive search. In defined target group, we systematically identify and individually address potential candidates for the specified position. We reach out to candidates who are generally not available in the labour market. Executive search is suitable for the client when it is crucial for him to get the best candidate for the specified position, comprehensively map all suitable candidates in the market or if the range of potential candidates is very limited.

We focus of top management and specialist positions, predominantly in automotive industry, manufacturing and trade. Our clients are assured that Executive search is discreet and that they receive high professional service in strict compliance with the highest ethical standards.

We will get you inactive candidates

60% of employed people do not actively seek new opportunities, even though their potential is greater than their current position requires. We can address these candidates appropriately and get them for you.

We will get you only quality candidates

Quality over quantity. We do not aim to present as many candidates as possible, to prove we are working, but the most quality ones. 98% of candidates are usually invited to an interview. This is how we save your time and enable you to get the perfect candidate. Thanks to many years of experience, we are able to make appropriate use of the acquired knowledge, with which we are able to find the perfect match in human relationships.

Our Executive Search process happens in several phases.

  • Analysis of client’s needs – In cooperation with the client, we analyze requirements related to the exact position and its fit in the organisation structure in detail. Whole analysis is based on the company culture and business plans.
  • Identification and direct addressing of candidates – Direct search is done by our professional research consultants. In defined target group, we systematically identify and individually address potential candidates for the specified position.
  • Structured interviews and evaluation of candidates – The appointed consultant individually assesses professional and personal qualifications of potential candidates. Then we prepare profiles of potentially suitable candidates and recommend them for presentation at the client. Only these candidates are acquainted with the identity of the contracting authority.
  • Candidate presentation – Selected candidates are presented to the client with the participation of our consultant. We provide a comprehensive personnel-counseling service to both, the client and the candidate. The usual time required to present first candidates in standard positions is 2-3 weeks from the award of contract.
  • Communication – We regularly inform the client about the progress of the whole project. If necessary, together with the client, we redefine the required profile or target group of candidates. We also monitor the success of the selected candidate after the mandate finished.

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A service suitable for clients who prefer to solve their recruitment needs without the need for a detailed market analysis. As a part of this service, we reach out to candidates through our established network of contacts that is an outcome of our long-term presence in the market. The process of evaluation and recommendation is similar to the Executive search process.

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This service helps companies that, from various reasons (restructuring, crisis management etc.) reduce the number of employees. Thanks to outplacement, not only you decrease the risk of negative impact on the company image but you also help loyal employees who, despite their qualities, you have to dismiss.

What can we offer to leaving employees?

  • We will help redundant employees to retune emotions that are negative at the time of dismissal and could turn against the employer
  • We will help overcome difficult periods of life and orientate themselves in the current labour market
  • We will analyze their personal career profile and preferences (interview, feedback, self-reflection)
  • We will help with the creation of CV, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, etc.
  • We will jointly formulate professional profile and professional goal
  • We will acquaint them with the current techniques of seeking new job opportunities in the labor market
  • We will provide individual coaching/mentoring, including psychological counselling

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Interim management

We help to solve unexpected, crisis and temporary situations in the company by searching for suitable Interim managers - highly qualified and experienced professionals who the company hires for a certain period of time (usually several months).

Interim Manager can help you in these situations:

  • Sudden or temporary absence of your current manager
  • Solving a specific task/project (for example transfer of production to or from abroad)
  • Restructuring
  • Launching a Startup project and setting new processes
  • Need of Best Practices in the specific area
  • Recall or resignation of the original management
  • Generational replacement
  • Preparation of liquidation

Benefits of using Interim manager:

  • Ability to start working in a short period of time – within days or weeks
  • Maximum flexibility – the advantage of an external working relationship only for a necessary time
  • Clear scope (within a specific time)
  • Objective insight – independence in politics and personal ties in business
  • ,,Fresh air” and an outside view
  • Specific expertise and experience
  • High motivation – his future work depends on references and recommendations
  • Return on investment – newly implemented changes, new effective plans, new markets and sales channels
  • More effective management of changes

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Personnel audit

Based on the personnel audit, we we do an in-depth analysis of human resources and personnel processes. The aim is an independent assessment of the use of an existing human potential in the current competitive environment. This is how we evaluate the effectiveness of employees-managers related to the positions and job content.

What is personnel audit?

Personnel audit is a process of detailed analysis of human resources, personnel processes and the state of your company. The primary goal is an objective review and evaluation of the existing human potential, as well as proposing solutions and development leading to increased efficiency and effectiveness of individuals, organizational units and company as a whole.

Within the personnel audit there is a survey of the company’s operation, reassessment of internal processes, redistribution of work, organizational structure, delegation system, communication between employees and management, etc. We use a wide range of comprehensive diagnostic methods, assessment center or individual interviews with psychologists and trained personnel, during which we use our years of experience.

When is it appropriate to use it?

Personnel audit is used by clients in cases where it is necessary to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the company’s staff, increase the performance of the company as a whole, define HR needs in accordance with company strategy, optimize costs and reduce staff, improve the human resources management system including the motivation system, to set up and implement personnel processes or to create materials for the individual development of individual employees.

Our personnel audit includes:

  • Analysis of the company development and perception of the company by employees and management
  • Introductory working meeting with the director/owner
  • Structured interviews with executives
  • Evaluation centers for top management and middle management
  • Employee survey
  • Direction of further development of the company
  • Creation of action plan after the employee survey
  • Set up of formal corporate communication
  • Management of human resources – processes, tools

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Personal diagnostics, Cut-e, AC/DC

Personal diagnostics is an effective way how to select new employees in good quality and how to increase success of the selection itself. With the help of diagnostics, we can reveal some inappropriate characteristics of potential candidate or, on contrary, predispositions that will suit your company.

What is personal diagnostics?

Personal diagnostics can help identify weaknesses or problematic place of future or current employees, but also highlight their future development potential.

Reliable prediction whether the personality of the test person matches the profile of the specified position, company culture or whether they fit well into the specific work team.


Assessment centre

The Assessment center is a modern, diagnostic and comprehensive method of selecting employees, which combines personality diagnostics, determination of key skills and competencies, an interview with a psychologist and experienced HR professionals/consultants, and tailor-made model situations. We monitor, evaluate and compare several participants, from which we will then select the most suitable candidate just for you. Thanks to the Assessment centre, we are able to obtain comprehensive objective information about each participant and at the same time save you time of choosing them.

Development centre

The development centre is an interactive diagnostic method used to objectively evaluate and develop the skills, potential and competencies of employees and to identify talents in your company based on a careful analysis of your goals, expectations and needs. The output of the Development centre is a plan of personal development, evaluation of competencies and individual feedback for each participant.


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Conflicts in the workplace lead to work disruption, reduced employee productivity, project failures, fluctuation and sickness. They increase stress level and tension between colleagues, they can very easily overlap and lead to customer and client dissatisfaction. Average manager spends 25-40% of his time by solving conflicts.

What is mediation and in which case to use it?

For our clients, we offer a professional mediation service in cases when the conflict is becoming visible and it threatens not only the performance of the involved party but also the performance of others.

External mediator is very trustworthy not only because of the professional management sessions for conflict resolution but also as an independent and unbiased mediator. 

The process of mediation itself cultivates communication and establishes ways of communication so the parties are able to communicate together in the future.


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Career counseling

We help you direct your professional path. We are the guide to finding a clear career idea, professional mission or a business vision with possible overlap to your personal life.
We steer your career development to fulfill your goals, requirements and maybe even dreams. You will become more efficient and satisfied worker on your position, you will be able to handle crisis situations.

We individually help with professional change, we prepare you for selection process and we provide individual consultations as needed.

Career counselling also offers:

  • High school students – we advise on the choice of further education and appropriate choice of University
  • University students – we help with possible employment and entry in the labor market
  • Top managers and specialists who, from various reasons, do not want to enter the labor market publicly but they are interested in gaining more detailed information about other possibilities of their employment. It is a very close cooperation where we, together with the client, define the area of interest and the direction the client would like to take. Furthermore, we actively monitor the labour market and we seek potential opportunities.

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Mentoring is an interaction between a more experienced person (mentor) and a less experienced person (mentee). In this relationship, mentee gets support, help and incentives for development and career growth.

What is mentoring?

The role of a mentor is based on sharing life experience, giving advices or his own point of view on how to behave in a specific situation. Mentor’s lead is to convey his opinion, apply his own life experience, personally suggest a solution to a specific problem and to comment mentee’s opinions.

Mentor brings unbiased insight and understanding and if everything works well, his attitude can be inspirational.


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Psychological counseling

Psychological counseling is developing of the client's strengths, which helps him to be satisfied in his personal life and more successful in his professional life. It stimulates growth, development, maturity and better assertion of the client in order to better cope with everyday life problems.

Have you found yourself in a difficult life situation? Do you need a consultation with an expert who will help you gain a detachment from the situation? Or would you just like to hear an opinion of a psychologist? We offer a psychological counseling service just for you.

Our psychological counseling doesn’t focus on serious mental pathologies, but rather on developing the client’s strengths, which helps him to be satisfied in his personal life and more successful in his professional life. Psychological counseling stimulates growth, development, maturity and better assertion of the client in order to better cope with everyday life problems. We provide assistance in various crisis life situations (personal, relationship, professional, etc.).


We offer one-time consultations and short-term or long-term cooperation. The specific form of counseling is always formulated in cooperation with the given client so that it is as meaningful as possible for him.

Psychotherapy, family therapy or a professional psychological examination may be recommended if necessary based on the consultation.

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