ALTRO Management Consultants focuses on searching top management and specialists for industry and other manufacturing services, marketing and business, financial and legal services. Our company operates not only on domestic market but we have experience across the whole CEE region.

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We often start where others quit.

Because of our expertise and workflow, we are able to fill positions that the company cannot fill itself or with other partners in the long-term.

We win business through ’word of mouth’.

Most of our clients come after recommendation and then they continue to recommend us to their partners.

Long-term guarantee

High stability of candidates filled in positions, we are happy to offer you a long-term guarantee.


Mgr. Ladislava Fialová

Mgr. Ladislava Fialová

CEO & Founder

+420 261 099 373

Bc. Helena Doubková

Bc. Helena Doubková

Talent Sourcer, Recruiter

+420 261 099 378

Bc. Kristýna Poslušná

Bc. Kristýna Poslušná

HR Researcher

+420 261 099 376

Bc. Dominika Bočanová

Bc. Dominika Bočanová

HR Researcher, psychodiagnostics, Cut-e

+420 261 099 371

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