Executive Search

Executive Search is a systematic method of searching for managers and experts. This method is applied when the client needs the best candidate for the position or when selection options are limited.

The search is conducted in several phases:

  • Analytical Phase - Together with our client, we carefully analyze the requirements for a given position, regarding its positioning within the organizational structure of the company against the backdrop of the company culture and the business plan, etc.
  • Search Phase - Direct Search is carried out by our specialist research consultants. Potential candidates for a given position in the defined target group are systematically identified and addressed individually.
  • Evaluation Phase - The experienced consultant in charge evaluates professional and personal qualifications of the individual candidates for the given position. Then, profiles of potentially suitable candidates are elaborated and their presentation is recommended to the client. The identity of the contractor is disclosed only to these candidates.
  • Presentation Phase - The selected candidates are presented to the client by our consultant. Complex services in personnel consulting are provided to both parties, the client as well as the candidate.
  • Communication with Client - We inform our client about the progress of the entire project regularly. When needed, together with the client, the required profile or candidate target group is defined. The success of the selected candidate is monitored also after the termination of the project.