Career guidance

Career Opportunity Assesment

This service is focused on managers and specialists who wish to change the direction of their professional career. The assessment is based on a complex analysis of the client´s professional and personal potential. Then, evaluation and definition of possible use of current abilities and gained experience for performance of similar occupations as well as definition of capabilities to acquire necessary skills and knowledge for the performance of a different job by means of professional education is carried out.

This process is followed by a definition of client´s interests and areas for which the client would like to head. Further work can be found either at the current company or with a new employer.

Career Service

This service can follow the “Career Opportunity Assessment”. It is intended especially for the top managers and specialists, who for various reasons do not want to enter the labor market openly and who are, however, interested in gaining more detailed information about their further professional opportunities.

This process is based on a very close cooperation. Together with the client, an area of interests and direction are defined in which the client would like to go. Then we actively monitor the labor market and search for suitable opportunities.

Specialized Study